Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to my music world!

My life is full of music. Probably just like many of you, I can’t live without it. Whether it is in my head, or around me – it makes my life fuller and brighter, increases emotional perception of the world around me, adds one more dimension into my life. Just like a soundtrack creates mood in a movie, music influences the mood of my life.

It’s interesting how some music tracks I have been listening to in some particular stages of my life remind me of those exact moments later, make me feel a strong taste of those moments as if they were taking me back in time. Music and my life are so closely connected with each other, bound and mutually absorbed, that it’s hard for me to associate some particular music with anything else, but the moments of my life when I was listening to it the most for the first time. Does it happen to you too? It’s good sometimes, but sometimes I wish it has never happened, because I might love the music, but might not like the period of my life it is associated with.

Music comes into my life via radio, music records, Internet, live shows, cities streets, my piano, my head and via many other ways I can’t think of right now. It’s pretty exciting sometimes, and I have many unforgettable life stories to tell closely connected with music. I will share them with my children one day.  As for now, let’s see what the world of music is bringing to my life these days.

Welcome to my music world!

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